All Healing Comes From Within

Health is the ideal balance between all major parts of our being, body, mind, and soul, in conjunction with our environment and all we encounter. To ignore any one aspect is to deprive yourself of health.

The body heals itself. This healing can be initiated from an outside source, which serves to set the healing process in motion. Before any true healing can occur, there are certain pre-requisites:

1. The individual must understand their own basic health patterns, including strengths and weaknesses. We must come to know our body and it’s response to outward influences, its basic strengths and weaknesses, what we can handle and what we cannot. A dis-ease manifestation most often occurs in a weak area of the body. This weakened area can be the result of stress or even a susceptiblity due to the basic genetics of the individual.

If we are aware of such weaknesses and susceptibilities, we can take measures to strengthen them and protect ourselves from imbalance. We have a tremendous ability to effect changes in these patterns.

2. The individual must learn to see all physical conditions as symptoms. All physical imbalance, dis-ease, and illness is a symptom only. There is something else, be it an emotional IR mental pattern, stress, etc, that has promoted and instigated the physical symptom. The physical dis-ease is a call to attention by the physical body. It is the body’s way of telling us that something has gotten out of balance.

3. The individual must take responsibility and seek out alternatives that affect the whole being. We must be willing to widen our perspectives and implement the alternatives necessary to restore health and balance on all levels. There are always alternatives. We each must find the method or combination of methods that suits our own energy system, physical and otherwise.

In discovering the alternatives that work for you, you must consider all aspects of your being. Your emotions, your thought patterns, and your spiritual perspectives are as important to your health as the physical state of the various systems, tissues, and organs of the body.

4. The individual must employ common sense in the maintenance of balanced health.  This proper care should at the very least include:

Proper diet, proper exercise, proper rest, and proper breathing.

We are multi-dimensional beings. We operate from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. Metaphysical means beyond the physical. It implies causation beyond the physical. We think, feel, act, and react from a physical awareness, but we are more than just physical beings. Those thoughts and feelings, although not tangibly physical, do affect physical conditions and perspectives. They are a dimension to our Essence that very strongly affects our physical well-being.

Most disease stems from a metaphysical base. It dies not usually originate in the physical body IR in the environment. Those things of the physical environment that we attribute to dis-ease mist often ( viruses, bacteria, etc.) are around us all the time. It is our metaphysical aspects, that make us susceptible to their Manifesting a problem. Imbalanced emotions, attitudes, and thoughts will depleat our natural physical energies and immunities so that we are more likely to catch a cold or manifest some other problem. Even when illness results from lack of exercise or poor diet, the emotional and mental causes if such habits should be explored.

What we think, sets the energy in motion for what we will experience, particularly in regard to our health.  Inside each of us is a level of our subconscious that responds literally, like a child, to all of our thoughts and expressions. This level also works to maintain our health. It takes our thoughts, feelings, and expressions, and sets them in motion sio they can manifest.

That level of the subconscious directs much of what manifests in our bodies and our environments. It responds literally to our thoughts, feelings, and expressions. This is our inner child.

Our health is our choice. The inner subconscious child, is always aware of everything. If we are constantly telling and criticizing ourselves, our inner child, it’s no wonder our lives do not work. Some say they can’t help how they feel and think about themselves. They say that it’s what they have experienced their whole life. That is sad, but it’s sadder still if we Choose to continue those patterns when we can change them. We can’t change the past, but our future, particularly our future health, is being shaped by our current thoughts and feelings. If we change our thoughts we can change our life.

As we begin to work with healing energies, but will become increasingly apparent that most imbalances arise from some expression of non-love towards ourselves. We must begin to realize that only we are responsible for our thoughts and feelings. Only we will suffer their consequences, good, bad, or indifferent. If we continue to focus upon the negative, we create imbalance within our emotional and mental beings, and these will work themselves into an imbalance with our physical body as well.




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