Vibrational Healing through the Sense of Touch, Part 1

Most people are ignorant of their bodies as an energy system. We can develop the ability to experience the more subtle energies of life tangibly. We can learn to recognize that our energies do not stop at skin level. Our hands are points in the body with greater sensitivity. We can develop this sensitivity to feel subtle energy emanations from the body, as well as to project them in into the body. It a method of using the hands to direct energies, human and spiritual, to help heal.

Through our hands we learn to sense energy imbalances around and in the body and to project vibrations to help restore balance. We learn to use our hands as a catalyst to stimulate the other individual unto healing himself.

This form of vibrational healing is most effective for Alleviating pain and aches and for general relaxation. If you bump your elbow or scrape your knee, what is usually the first thing you do? Place a hand on it and hold it. It helps alleviate the discomfort. Our hands are natural tools for healing, and everyone has the ability to develop it even further.

When it comes to healing through such a subtle technique, we are often dealing with a person’s belief system. Regardless of tangible results or scientific verification, if a belief is held that no such thing is possible, the task of opening to its realization can be difficult.

Persistence is the key. We must begin to stretch those unused abilities slowly and persistently. If you persist, you will succeed. You are initiating a process that will enable you to know yourself and others more intimately.

To enhance your development, practice with a partner, so that you can get objective feedback. Also learn the ability of relaxed concentration. Trying too hard can block your progress. Learn to meditate and relax the body before the exercises. Perform a short, progressive relaxation. Take a few moments, close your eyes, and breathe deeply from the diaphragm. Focus on each part of your body individually, starting at your feet and working your way to the top of your head. Mentally send warm, relaxing feelings into that area of your body. See it, feel it, imagine it.

The more relaxed you are, the better your concentration will be. The more relaxed you are, the more sensitive you become to the subtle energies you are encountering and working with. Relaxation creates a hyperaesthetic condition. You become hyper-sensitive.

When we are relaxed, in an altered state of consciousness, we experience outside energies more intensely. A phone ringing will seem louder. Smells are stronger. Light and colors are brighter. Touch is more sensitive. Because of this, relaxation assists us in perceiving and directing energies with the hands more effectively.

Exercise 1.

Feeling and experiencing our subtle energies:

This exercise can be done by yourself, IR with a friend.

1. Begin by taking a seated position and performing a general, progressive relaxation.

2. Rub the palms of the hands together briskly for about fifteen to thirty seconds. Our hands are strong points of sensitivity and we do have minor Chakra centers in them. This rubbing helps Stimulate the chakras in the hands, increasing their overall sensitivity.

3. Extend your hands about a foot to a foot and a half in front of you, the palms facing each other. Hold the hands about two feet apart.

4. Slowly move the hands toward each other. Bring them as close to each other as you can without touching them.

5. Draw them slowly back to about six inches apart. Repeat this slow, in and out movement. Keep your movements slow, steady, and deliberate.

6. As you perform this exercise, pay attention to what your hands are feeling or sensing. You may experience a feeling of pressure building. There may be other sensations. There can be a sense of rubberiness, if tickling, or of a thickness building between the hands. You may experience warmth or coolness. You may even experience a pulsating sensation.

7. Take a few minutes to try and define what you are feeling. Do not worry about whether you are imagining it or not. Do not worry that it may feel different than what others experience. Remember we each have our own unique energy system, and so we each may experience the sensation differently. You are working to develop your own subtle perceptions.

8. Thus exercise assists in developing concentration. It also assists in helping you to recognize that our energy fields do not stop at skin level. You may wish to record in a notebook your impressions and experiences with this exercise, so that you can compare it later with what you experience as you develop further. This will help you to recognize your progress in experiencing subtle energies.

9. The in and out movement of the hands causes the energy surrounding them to accumulate between them, making it more perceptible to us. The hands are becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies. As the hands become more sensitive, we can use them to detect the auric energies emanating from other parts of the body as well. These detections may feel like heat, pressure, tingling, or a thickness building between the hands. You may experience warmth or coolness,  or a pulsating sensation. You should be able to feel it. If you cannot, slowly repeat the exercise. We are reawakening our ability to be consciously aware of the subtle energies around us.


Exercise 2

Sending and feeling energy patterns:

All energy follows thought. Where ever our thoughts are focused, so are our energy patterns. Our energy adjusts itself in accordance with our thoughts. We go through a wide variety of thoughts and emotions on a daily basis, and those we are repeatedly exposed to or expressing will affect our energies. Exposure to outside energies also can impinge upon our energy fields and affect overall balance. These energies can be anything from anger and lust, to pressure to buy. They can be energies of warmth and friendship, or those of manipulation. The more sensitive we become to our energy fields, the more we can recognize and control what is allowed to affect them.

This exercise works to increase our awareness of how outside energies can impact us. As we increase our sensitivity, we can learn to block the negative and restore healthy energy patterns. We can learn to heal.

1. Make yourself comfortable in a seated position. Take a few minutes to relax. You may wish to keep your eyes closed, but it is not necessary.

2. Hold one hand palm up. Point the index finger of your other hand into the palm of the first. The finger should be three to six inches away from the other hand.

3. Take slow, deep breaths. As you breathe in and out, imagine the energy building and accumulating in the hand with the pointed index finger.

4. After several minutes of this, slowly begin to rotate your index finger in a small circle. Visualize a stream of energy spiralling out from the index finger to create a circle of energy that touches the palm of the open hand. Don’t worry about whether you are imagining it or not, as

we are working to prove that energy does follow thought.

5. Pay attention to what you feel within the palm of the hand. The feeling may vary from person to person. You may feel a circle of warmth forming. A thickness, a pressure, or a tingling in the form of a small circle within the palm of the hand may also be experienced. Sometimes closing your eyes at this point can help you feel the sensation more strongly. ***The more you project and focus the energy with your mind, the stringer the sensation will become.

6. Having worked with the palm of the hand, next perform this exercise upon a naked forearm. Visualize and send the energy out through the finger in spirals of energy to impact upon the forearm. Pay attention to what you feel. With time and practice the kind of sensation you experience will remain much the same, but it’s intensity will increase. Through exercises you begin to train yourself to recognize those feelings which let you know when something is impacting upon your energy field.

7. A powerful variation of this can be practicing with a partner. It is especially important for when we begin to use etheric touch in healing. Have the other person stand with their back to you. Hold your hand (s) about six to twelve inches from your partner’s back, palm open and facing the back.

Begin slow, rhythmic breathing. As you breathe in, feel the energy being drawn through your body and into the hand(s). As you breathe out, visualize and imagine the energy pouring through your hand(s) to the back of your partner. Slowly move the hand(s) in a simple geometric pattern, a circle, a square, a triangle, etc. Draw this energy pattern on your partner’s back with the energy you are directing through your hand(s). Know in your mind that it is being felt by the individual.

Concentrate as you project the energies. Sometimes visualizing the stream of energy as a warm red light will help the partner to sense it more tangibly. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

8. Have your partner try and identify the energy shape being drawn upon them. Pay attention to what they describe and experience. Compare it to what you discovered through the other exercises. What are the similarities? What are the differences? What can you do, or did you do, to make the feelings more intense and identifiable? Switch places and allow your partner to draw patterns on you. Compare the similarities and differences.

9. Gradually increase the distance. How far can you stand from your partner and still experience the energy pattern? Does it feel differently when the distances are extended? Pay attention to the responses. This increases your overall sensitivity to subtle energies and their effects upon you.

10. Experiment with this. Visualize colors streaming from your hands or fingers. Which colors are experienced more distinctly? Place different fragrances on your hands. Are the experiences intensified?  What happens when you tone and visualize the tone vibrations flowing through your hands? Learn which methods can be used by you personally to amplify your sensitivity to subtle energies and your ability to direct them consciously.









You Must Want To Heal.

A healer is one who learns to attune to vital, curative forces, physical and spiritual, so as to be a conductor of healing energy. When this energy is applied, healing takes place. The ability to conduct such healing energy is a learned ability and it can be developed by anyone wishing to enhance their own well being.

Inherent within this is the understanding that for the healing to occur, the individual receiving the healing energies must desire to be healed. Unfortunately, many people enjoy being sick. They enjoy the attention. They enjoy having an excuse for doing or not doing certain things in their lives. They enjoy having something to blame their own sense of failure on.  For many being sick is a way of giving up without having to publicly admit it or face the assumed failures. Society accepts illness as a legitimate excuse. This is why cancer is called the acceptable form of suicide.

People put themselves in the position to manifest an illness, creating sickness for many reasons:

To foster themselves to grow and learn, To foster compassion in themselves and others, To learn something about personal responsibility, To provide a means for that transition we call death, To get love and attention from others, To help teach others, To stimulate a new perception of life and it’s processes, To cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from sources outside itself; i.e. pollutants, etc.

On the other hand, the illness may manifest for other reasons, and we must be careful about jumping to conclusions or judging accusations. Everyone’s case is unique. The important factor is in discovering the cause or causes of what is creating the physical imbalance.



All Healing Comes From Within

Health is the ideal balance between all major parts of our being, body, mind, and soul, in conjunction with our environment and all we encounter. To ignore any one aspect is to deprive yourself of health.

The body heals itself. This healing can be initiated from an outside source, which serves to set the healing process in motion. Before any true healing can occur, there are certain pre-requisites:

1. The individual must understand their own basic health patterns, including strengths and weaknesses. We must come to know our body and it’s response to outward influences, its basic strengths and weaknesses, what we can handle and what we cannot. A dis-ease manifestation most often occurs in a weak area of the body. This weakened area can be the result of stress or even a susceptiblity due to the basic genetics of the individual.

If we are aware of such weaknesses and susceptibilities, we can take measures to strengthen them and protect ourselves from imbalance. We have a tremendous ability to effect changes in these patterns.

2. The individual must learn to see all physical conditions as symptoms. All physical imbalance, dis-ease, and illness is a symptom only. There is something else, be it an emotional IR mental pattern, stress, etc, that has promoted and instigated the physical symptom. The physical dis-ease is a call to attention by the physical body. It is the body’s way of telling us that something has gotten out of balance.

3. The individual must take responsibility and seek out alternatives that affect the whole being. We must be willing to widen our perspectives and implement the alternatives necessary to restore health and balance on all levels. There are always alternatives. We each must find the method or combination of methods that suits our own energy system, physical and otherwise.

In discovering the alternatives that work for you, you must consider all aspects of your being. Your emotions, your thought patterns, and your spiritual perspectives are as important to your health as the physical state of the various systems, tissues, and organs of the body.

4. The individual must employ common sense in the maintenance of balanced health.  This proper care should at the very least include:

Proper diet, proper exercise, proper rest, and proper breathing.

We are multi-dimensional beings. We operate from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. Metaphysical means beyond the physical. It implies causation beyond the physical. We think, feel, act, and react from a physical awareness, but we are more than just physical beings. Those thoughts and feelings, although not tangibly physical, do affect physical conditions and perspectives. They are a dimension to our Essence that very strongly affects our physical well-being.

Most disease stems from a metaphysical base. It dies not usually originate in the physical body IR in the environment. Those things of the physical environment that we attribute to dis-ease mist often ( viruses, bacteria, etc.) are around us all the time. It is our metaphysical aspects, that make us susceptible to their Manifesting a problem. Imbalanced emotions, attitudes, and thoughts will depleat our natural physical energies and immunities so that we are more likely to catch a cold or manifest some other problem. Even when illness results from lack of exercise or poor diet, the emotional and mental causes if such habits should be explored.

What we think, sets the energy in motion for what we will experience, particularly in regard to our health.  Inside each of us is a level of our subconscious that responds literally, like a child, to all of our thoughts and expressions. This level also works to maintain our health. It takes our thoughts, feelings, and expressions, and sets them in motion sio they can manifest.

That level of the subconscious directs much of what manifests in our bodies and our environments. It responds literally to our thoughts, feelings, and expressions. This is our inner child.

Our health is our choice. The inner subconscious child, is always aware of everything. If we are constantly telling and criticizing ourselves, our inner child, it’s no wonder our lives do not work. Some say they can’t help how they feel and think about themselves. They say that it’s what they have experienced their whole life. That is sad, but it’s sadder still if we Choose to continue those patterns when we can change them. We can’t change the past, but our future, particularly our future health, is being shaped by our current thoughts and feelings. If we change our thoughts we can change our life.

As we begin to work with healing energies, but will become increasingly apparent that most imbalances arise from some expression of non-love towards ourselves. We must begin to realize that only we are responsible for our thoughts and feelings. Only we will suffer their consequences, good, bad, or indifferent. If we continue to focus upon the negative, we create imbalance within our emotional and mental beings, and these will work themselves into an imbalance with our physical body as well.



A Person Will Get Well When He Is Tired Of Being Sick… Lao Tzu

Anyone can heal. Anyone can learn to administer energies that accelerate and facilitate the healing process. This can be done physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The human essence is a wondrous thing. It’s capacity to rejuvenate and regenerate itself is limited solely by our awareness. The amount of energy available to each of us to manifest and impact upon our lives, physically and spiritually, is limited solely by our capacity to give birth to greater love to yourself and to others.  There currently exists many methods of healing and doctoring. I he truth is that the only one that is best is the one that works for you.

Part of our responsibility as an individual, creative human being is to find that method or combination of methods that work best for us as individuals. Few acknowledge or pay attention to the intimate signals that their bodies send to them. The key to all learning, all balance in all areas of our life, lies with the precept. Know thyself.

All healing comes from within. The body has a tremendous capacity for restoring itself to health. Because if genetics and such things as karma, there can be a greater predisposition or susceptibility to certain kinds of problems. Orthodox doctoring may serve as a catalyst to correct the problem, but it will not always correct the cause of the problem.

Viruses and bacteria surround us all the time. What makes some people prone to illness and other imbalances?

A divine healing source operates within the Universe. Be willing to experience the innate healing ability that resides within us all without exception. It will demonstrate that we each can participate actively in the healing of our bodies, by opening our perceptions, expanding our knowledge, and taking back the responsiblity. We each can alleviate our pains and aches. We each can facilitate Orthodox medical treatments and balance ourselves on all levels. We can heal our lives.

The modern approach to medicine is a vicious cycle. We develop a problem ( in reality a symptom of something larger), and we treat the symptom. It disappears, but later something else pips up. We treat it, and the cycle continues. There is no escape from thus cycle as long as we continue to think of health in purely physical terms, and treat I’ll health by simply looking for a pill which will relieve us if the physical discomfort.

We must learn to realize that a runny nose is a means by which the body eliminates toxins from your system. It is a part of the body’s natural cleansing process. If we take a pill to stop the runny nose, we stop the body’s cleansing. The toxins then accumulate until some later time when they trigger an even greater problem.

Healing includes the locating and removing of energy blockages where ever they occur, physical IR otherwise. This requires a rise in Consciousness and a greater understanding of the metaphysical nature if the human body and it’s energy system. Areas of the body in which energy is blocked, especially for extended periods, and misuse of our body, creates dysfunction.

There is a divine spark within us. We are here to learn that life is supposed to go right. We are here to learn how to make it right. The truth is: Prayers are supposed to be answered. Miracles are supposed to happen. Healing is supposed to occur. The truly amazing thing would be if they did not!


You must remember: The energy from your core is infinitely positive. As long as you are aware of that, nothing negative can harm you. Our infinitely positive and loving Essence is the most potent weapon we have for battling aggression and negativity.

Close your eyes, inhale slowly, and on the exhalation begin a meditation to visualize becoming the energy of your Essence. Move deeper and deeper toward the core of your being, gathering strength to thwart whatever evil intentions another may have. Remain utterly calm and silently chant your life song and focus on OM chant. Visualize waves of Positive energy radiating from the Infinite essence of the Universe, vibrations of the most subtle frequency resonating with the vibrations emanating from your own Essence. Do not doubt your safety, Trust! Refocus on entraining your inner sound with the vibrational energies of the Universe. Keep your conviction of total acceptance of trust and serenity.

Developing your Intuition means cultivating your faculty for allowing the vibrations from Heaven to be received directly into your body. Entraining with universal energies and following your deepest instincts is a sure path to healing.

Guided Imagery and Music technique, draws on carefully chosen pieces of classical music to summon from the subconscious deeply embedded images and mythic representations.

Guided Imagery and Music Exercise:

Find a quiet place where you can relax for fifteen to thirty minutes without interruption. Have a notebook or journal near.

Formulate a Focus. Identify an area of concern, or one for which you wish to generate a flow of creative ideas. Write it in your journal. This step is like posting a question to your inner Self. In order for your focus to be productive, it is necessary to have a sense of personal relatedness to the issue. Write down any random thoughts that are on the surface of your mind, as if you were “clearing the decks” before beginning a journey. Then choose the music that fits.

Choosing the Music. Earth music provides a “safe container” with music that I’d supportive while stimulating a wide range of imagery experience. It invites you into the reveries and feelings of the inner world.

Beethoven: Symphony no. 7, movement II

Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 in D Minor, movement III

Brahms: Symphony no. 4, movement II

Debussy: Prelude a l’apres-midi d’un faune

Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe, suite no. 2, part I

Fire Music evokes strong feelings that encourage exploration of the more “heated” emotions. This music provides the intensity that strong feelings require in order to be expressed.

Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Brahms: Piano Concerto no. 2, Allegro non troppo

Brahms: Symphony no. 3 in F Major, op. 90, movement I

Debussy: La Mer, movement I

Air Music releases the imaginative forces. While stimulating a free flow of creative connections, it awakens the creative imagination. The fludity and wide sweep of the sounds helps to evoke multiple impressions for creative brainstorming.

Bach: Orchestral Suite no. 3 in D Major, movement II

Beethoven: Symphony no. 9, movement I

Berlioz: Symphonies fantastique, movement II

Ravel: Introduction and Allegro

Water music is emotional music. It awakens and allows feelings to come to the surface to be explored and, within the imagery, to be expressed. Water music is especially evocative of more tender emotions.

Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta, movement I

Beethoven: String Quartet in C Major,op. 131

Brahms: Symphony no. 2, movement III, Andante

Debussy: Dances Sacred and Profane

Relaxation Exercise: In order to change to an inward focus, the body requires a brief interval to relax. This interval provides a signal to the body-mind that enables it to change gears, as it were, and attend to the images and sensations that will soon appear. Loosen any constricting clothing. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply, turning the focus inward while scanning the body for tension spots. Allow yourself to feel, with every outflow of breath, that you are releasing tension. Feel the muscles relaxing. Allow your shoulders to release, your neck and head and any other places where you are holding tension. As you breathe out tension, you will actually be eliminating tension and stress. Beginning with your feet, progressively focus your breathing on your lower body, then midsection, shoulders, and head as you continue to consciously breathe out tension from the whole body.

Traveling in Inner Space with Music: As the music begins, surrender to it. Allow it to carry you into an experience. Keep the attention focused on the emerging imagery. As a scene forms, let yourself become involved with it. If, for example, a forest scene emerges, enter it. If a path is seen, follow it. If a person appears, you can talk with him or her. Since the Intuition is often an active force in this process, allow yourself to sense what to do or where to go with the imagery. Whether you are fully aware or not, the music carries the imagery along, encouraging it to take on dimension, movement, feeling, and drama. Be spontaneous and let the music take you to….wherever you need to go!

Returning: As the music ends, spend a moment reviewing what you have experienced. Allow yourself to return to your normal state gradually. The images and impressions are still in raw form, somewhat like recalling a dream. They may require associational processing to make connections to your original focus. To begin this possession work, write down what you remember along with any associations that immediately occur. Give the experience a title. This helps to organize large amounts of associational material. It works best to give a title that relates to its content rather than one that is allegorical.

Write a brief account of the experience.

Intuition always exists in you.

It was there from the beginning.

It is not man-made, nor does it need to be.

It is within you.

It is around you.

It is you.

There is no need to search for it.

You simply need to become aware of it.

Become aware that you are a spirit from God.

You are no longer asleep.

You are no longer dreaming.

You have come to see the truth.

The truth is

That you are a child of God,

Shining brightly.

Masami Saionji


Essence Sound Meditation

The Essence Sound Meditation involves 7 steps. These steps include giving voice to anger and pain, then moving gradually to embrace your essence, a technique that empowers you to move beyond negative emotion into the light of the universal life force.

The Indian text, the Upanishads States, “Let one therefore keep the mind pure, for what a man thinks, that he becomes”. Resend Sound Meditation, and the Energetic Re-creation process, enable us to use sound to keep the mind pure, so that we begin to see the world and live from our essence. We give voice to and validate our pain before surrendering it, and moving toward a wholehearted embrace of our essence, which is infinitely accepting, living, and capable of healing.

The Essence sound Meditation has healing benefits for people with severe illness, workday stress, spiritual emergency, or any combination of these.

Essence Sound Meditation:

In the  Life Song meditation you found the sounds that most resonates within you. Every negative feeling or emotion has its own sound. Think of a fearful scream (AAH), a sorrowful cry (OOH or EEH), a worried groan (SHHH or UUHH. Before you begin to do the Essence Sound Meditation, be clear about the sound of the negative feeling that most disturbs you. Speak it aloud or scream it as you focus on the negative emotion. The first spontaneous sound you make is the one associated with the essence of this feeling. You may choose from these disharmonious sounds:


AAH.        UUHH

OOH.       DDA

EEH.        FOO

Prepare yourself for this mediation by finding a quiet place where you can sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Take several deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose, filling the space from your abdomen all the way up to your collarbones with air. Then exhale slowly through your mouth, reversing the process. Concentrate on each breath. Observe your breathing for several minutes without trying to control it. Visualize in your upper abdomen or solar plexus a clear, still, blue mountain lake. Feel your breath flowing into this lake. With each breath direct your inner attention to the following positive thoughts:

Infinite love, infinite peace, infinite wisdom, infinite harmony, infinite healing, infinite life, infinite light, infinite success, infinite possibility, infinite health, infinite hope, infinite energy, infinite courage, infinite strength.

Read and familiarize yourself with the following seven steps of the Essence Sound Meditation. It’s purpose is to experience and express negative emotions through sound, then to transcend these feelings by releasing them and reconnecting with your essence, also through sound. This will require a series of emotional and vocal shifts, but with practice they will become smooth and second nature. Once you are comfortable with the seven steps, close your eyes. Start with a few minutes of the breathing exercise, then begin the Essence Sound Meditation.

1. Experience. Find the place in your body where you experience negative feelings, discomfort, IR pain. Feel the exact location and imagine it’s size, shape, color, and temperature. Visualize this area as pure energy. Pick only one location at a time in your body. Now, experience your negative feelings as one of the above mentioned sounds. Examples might be AAH (fear), OOH (sorrow), or DDA (yearning). Allow these sounds to vibrate in your throat,  opening your mouth to allow the tone to grow. After five or so minutes, gradually shift your awareness to your essence, seeing it in your mind’s eye as a white light located above the crown of your head.

2. Sense. Using your life song mantra, sense the harmonic sound of your essence by vocalizing it. Choose mantra sounds from the list given previously. Examples might be LAM MA SAM or  HOME LEE SUME.

3. Surrender. Release the sound of negative feelings or pain to your essence by visualizing it’s energy being released upward into the light of your essence. Then, using your voice, revisit the sound of your negative emotion and attach the consonant “M” to the end of it. This is the vocal equivalent of resolution. Examples might be AAHM, RAAHM, or HEEM.

4. Empower. Strengthen this harmonious resolution by experiencing your essence as a warm, healing light that you send with each inhalation into the area where you have pain or distress. Inhale deeply and draw out the sound from step 3 over the course of the entire exhalation. Do this five or six times.

5. Nurture. Nurture the idea of a life free of negative or painful feelings. Sustain the Harmony by alternating your essence sound with the transformed negative sound. Examples: AAH. AAHM. AAH. AAHM. Do this for five to ten minutes as you play your bowl or other musical instrument. Try to bring your voice into resonance with the sound of the bowl. As you continue to chant, feel your negative emotions merging harmoniously with your essence.

7. Create. Create a space for your essence to continue to be your guide by chanting the sound of the transformed negative feelings as you play your bowl. Notice how the sound has lost its disharmonious emotional charge. Continue chanting and playing for two to three minutes.

7. Embody. Externalize the positive energy by visualizing your entire physical being composed of billions of cells. Visualize the cells as being composed of trillions of molecules, and these molecules in turn composed of trillions of atoms. Visualize the atoms moving as as well as the vast amount of space within and between them.

While playing your bowl or other instrument, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Recite each of the following infinite affirmations during the entire exhalation: infinite love, infinite light, infinite peace, infinite harmony, infinite trust.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


The intellectual and spiritual godfather of sound medicine was Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician who lived from about 580 to 500 BCE. Pythagoras is credited as the first person to take an organized approach to using music as a healing technique.

The seventeenth-century Dutch scientist Christian Huygens noticed that the pendulums of two clocks, hung side by side, would begin of their own accord to swing to the same identical rhythm. The reason entrainment occurs is that the more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object, when projected upon a second object with a similar frequency, will cause that object to begin to vibrate in resonance with the first object. We human being also react in resonance with the vibrations and fluctuations in our surroundings, so it follows that our physiological functioning may be altered by the impact of sound waves, whether produced by our own voices or by objects or instruments in our environment.

Take a Deep Breath: Preserving Homeostasis In The Body-Mind. Sound is a manifestation of breath, and breath is the most fundamental aspect of life. Breathing is much more than a mechanical reflex for oxygen exchange; it is the basis for all our cellular functions; our energetic well-being, even our emotional health.

Yoga is a three-thousand-year-old discipline whose goal is to create a sense of harmony with the universe by integrating the mind, body and spirit. The word yoga means union, and its three-part practice of postures, breath work, and meditation is designed to take us beyond the transitory concerns and pleasures to a discovery and awareness of our highest self. Prana, the universal life energy, flows through the nourishes every cell in our bodies; pranayama is the Vedic science of controlling the breath in order to direct the prana and thereby balance both body and mind.

In shallow breathing, the diaphragm, doesn’t move downward sufficiently, so that the lungs never fully expand into the abdomen. As a result, the lower portions of the lungs, which are filled with small blood vessels that carry oxygen to our cells, hardly receive oxygen. In an effort to compensate for this inadequate oxygen intake, our heart rate and blood pressure increase, as our cardiovascular systems work overtime. In deep abdominal breathing the diaphragm moves freely and forcefully downward, allowing ample room for the bottom portion of the lungs to fill up with oxygen. The result is more than adequate oxygen exchange; we take in substantial amounts of oxygen during inhalation and expel more than enough carbon dioxide during exhalation.

Shallow breathing is also evidence that the body is in a perpetual state of “flight or flight, the stress response to external danger or anxiety provoking events. This is a natural mind-body reaction to stress,our adrenal glands pump out stress hormones such as adrenaline, the musculoskeletal system goes into a taut state of preparedness, and heart rate and blood pressure become elevated.

The first thing we notice when breath is studied, is that breath is audible. We use breath, and therefore sound. To maintain harmony in our bodies. Music therapy has increasingly come to be recognized as a practical and productive application for a wide range of physical, emotional and mental conditions. Music, whether produced by voice, instrument or the two in concert, restores our connection with our essence, the realm beyond our conscious awareness, and thus, with the cosmos. Crystal bowls and guided imagery shifts brain waves into alpha and Theta States, and thus achieve a state of relaxation that is highly conductive to healing.

Writing Your Life Song

When Buddha was asked,”What did you do before you achieved Enlightenment? he answered, “I chopped wood and carried water”. The next question posed was: “And now that you have achieved Enlightenment?” Buddha replied, “I chop wood and carry water”.

On the most mundane, day to day level, nothing had changed. Yet everything was different, because his point of view had radically altered. It is precisely this shift in perspective that we need to achieve.

Create your own life song. Keep in mind that the goal is not to ” do it right”,but rather to find a string of primal sounds that resonates within you.

Rhymes with Home. Rhymes with Mom
Home. Ham
Rome. RAM
Some. Sam
Lome. Lam
Vome Vam
Yome. Yam

Rhymes with Knee. Rhymes with Hum
Hee. Hum
Ree. Rum
See. Sum
Lee. Lum
Vee. Vum
Yes. Yum

Rhymes with Blue

1. Pronounce each of the mantra sounds listed above. Try them in one order, then another. Keep you eyes open and say each sound aloud.
2. Close your eyes and allow the sound vibrations to come into your mind. Mentally play with the different sounds in various sequences, until you find the combination that most resonates with you. Begin to sing these sounds aloud, using whatever melody occurs to you, simply chant the sounds. You will most likely find your melody later. Choose three or four sounds that most appeal to you. The sounds that feel the most harmonious to you make up your life song.

The first life song you discover may be the only one you will ever use. Or you may discover a new song after several weeks, months, or years as you progress along your healing path. Experiment with the sounds and in many various combinations. As you chant your life song, you will begin to feel it literally flowing out of you, as if your essence, rather than you yourself, were singing. Allow any subtle changes in the sounds or maybe melody to occur, so that the song remains natural and fluid.

Your life song is unique and belongs only to you. It can connect you with your essence whenever you chant it, either aloud or silently. Respect your song by keeping it private. Chanting our life song silently when we are in stressful situations gives us great inner peace and strength.

Meditating with a Mantra

Find a comfortable place to sit, either in a straight backed chair or cross legged on a mat or pillow. Make sure that you won’t be disturbed for the next 15 minutes. Turn off the phone. Before you begin, choose as your mantra a simple word or meaningful phrase that can help you maintain your focus. You might try using the Sanskrit mantra Ham Sah, which means “I am that”, breathing in on Ham and out on Sah. Once you’ve decided on a mantra, close your eyes and practice either of the two breathing exercises described in previous pages. When you feel that your breathing has slowed and deepened start to concentrate on thinking Ham as you inhale, and Sah when you exhale. Inhale and exhale through your nose, in a silent, thread like breath.

Don’t get discouraged if your attention begins to wander, and it will. If you notice a pain in your neck or back,or your nose itches or your foot feels as if it’s falling asleep, try to stay still and maintain your posture. But t don’t feel as if you’re failing some sort of test if you have to adjust your position or scratch your nose. This is all part of learning how to meditate.

Each time you realize that you have stopped concentrating on your mantra, and your mind has turned instead to your grocery list, the work you left unfinished on you desk, an unresolved argument with someone, or any other emotionally engaging thought, bring your attention back to your breath and your mantra. Are you inhaling fully and exhaling slowly? Pause after every inhalation and exhalation, slowing the rhythm of your breath so that your lungs and abdomen fully expand and contract.

Be compassionate with yourself. The practice of meditation requires patience and commitment. When distractions appear on the screen that is your mind, notice them, then let them go. Refocus your awareness on your mantra and breathing.

Start the meditation practice by setting aside 10-20 minutes for each session. As the end of your meditation draws near, gradually begin to become aware of your surroundings and how you are feeling. Open your eyes slowly and allow yourself as !much time as you need before you open the door and reimmerse yourself in your daily schedule.


Toning is the use of pure vocal sound to resolve tension, release emotional, and spur the healing process. Toning is as old as civilization. The idea is simply to restore people to their harmonic patterns. There are many variations in methods. Toning is a system that utilizes vowel sounds to alter vibrations in every molecule and cell in the body. Tone is simply an audible sound, prolonged long enough to be identified. Toning is the conscious elongation of a sound using the breath and voice. Toning is the process of making vocal sounds for the purpose of balance. Toning sounds are sounds of expression and do not have a precise meaning. Toning is the sustained vocalization of individual pitches for the purpose of resonating specific body areas to which the voice is directed. Toning is an activity that releases and allows the natural flow of energy to move through one’s body. Toning is the use of the voice to express sounds for the purpose of release and relief. It is nonverbal sound, relying primarily on vowels, though it may incorporate the use of consonants to create syllables as long as they are not utilized to create coherent meaning. Sighing, moaning, and humming may also be recognized as forms of toning.

While the practices of toning vary to some extent, all involve the use of pure nonverbal sound to increase the flow of breath, balance energy flow, release emotion, resolve past trauma, and restore harmony to the body-mind system.

Toning facilitates deep breathing, because in order to fully release the sounds, we have to expand the belly and diaphragm, and thus inhale more fresh air. Slow breathing slows heart rate and calms the nervous system, thus evoking the relaxation response.

Toning is effectively used to process and resolve painful memories and ongoing traumas- work that has led them to reclaim their essence and, often to promote physical healing of their life-threatening illnesses.

How To Tone : (Remember, it is impossible to make a mistake while toning):

Toning Fundamentals:
1. Inhale through your nose. Release your breath through your mouth while making one long sustained sound. When you run out of breath, inhale again through your nose and exhale through your mouth, again making a long sustained sound. Repeat this procedure as often as you like.

2. You can stand, sit in a cross legged position on the floor, or sit on a chair. Be sure your spine is straight and your diaphragm and abdomen are unobstructed. If you are standing, imagine that the sound is coming up from your feet. Relax your jaw. When you make a sound, let your jaw hang open.

3. Tone a vowel on the note of your choice for as long as your breath allows. Repeat several times.

4. Tone the same sound on different notes.

6. Tone a syllable on the same note. Repeat several times. Example: tone: OM, LAM, Hu.

7. Tone the same syllable on a different note, and repeat.

8. Find a syllable and note combination that you like, and tone it again and again.

Play with timing. The beating of native American drums, create a similar heart beat. Beat on the tabletop, hit a cup lightly with a spoon, bang pots and pans together. Try toning with a singing bowl, a gong, bell, or a drum with a natural skin that gives off lots of reverberations. Do anything to experiment with sound, and with the freeing of your voice.

Specific Toning Exercises:
Cleansing and Releasing:
Moaning and groaning are cleansing sounds that come naturally when aches and pains are being released. High-pitched, penetrating sounds or even fierce screaming can help break up energy blockages that may have led to emotional and physical armoring. Release the sound that you feel from within. It may be a bloodcurdling, terrifying scream that could go on for several minutes, until it may actually end in laughter. Releasing a scream that has been held in for decades can be a joyous, liberating experience.

Soothing and Relaxing:
Through toning you can provide a soothing environment for the release of tension. Humming can be calming to the nervous system, and may help you to breath deeply. You may feel inspired to sing words of support and encouragement, or even to break into familiar bars of music or pop tunes. Trust the impulse; it often turns out to be surprisingly appropriate.

Toning for the Pain in your Body:
Stand with your feet about shoulder length apart and your body relaxed. If you prefer, sit at the edge of a chair with your back straight. You can stand up and move around when the energy gets moving. Inhale through your nose and draw the breath down to your abdomen, so you can actually see your abdomen rising. Exhale through your mouth, making a low moan, or whatever comes naturally. Do this 10 times.

Wherever you feel pain or tension, bring your attention there and consciously breath into it. As you exhale, release tension from that part of your body.

Give a sound to the feeling. If the sound doesn’t come spontaneously, begin by toning as low as you can and slowly raise the pitch until you find a tone that resonates with the pain. Continue making sounds until you feel a release, as if you’ve given yourself an inner massage. Allow healing for yourself.Repeat this process for every pain or discomfort in your body.

Breathing into Your Voice:
Lie down on the floor on your back. Place one hand on your chest, the other on your belly. Feel your hands rise and fall as your body expands and contracts naturally while you take in and release air.

In order to feel the full expansion of your body, place your hands right above your waistline at your sides, enclosing the areas between your thumb and the other fingers. Push in forcibly against the diaphragm muscle as your body expands. As you continue to resist, your ability to expand, maintain the expansion, and breathe fully will improve.

Try singing a tone or a familiar melody as you breathe in this position. Listen for the difference in your voice between the way you usually sound, and the way you sound now. Let your voice express whatever you are feeling in the moment.

Making Room for You Voice:
As you stand or sit, stretch your spine. Reach for the ceiling with the top of the spine, reach for the floor with the bottom. Let the crown of your head reach for the ceiling as well. It is often helpful to picture an imaginary string that goes from the ceiling through the top of your head,through your spine, and down to the floor. Imagine a hand gently pulling up the string. Release your shoulders and arms so they can swing freely. Make sure your knees are unlocked.

You will know you are aligned incorrectly if your shoulders are rounded, your chest is caved in, flat or jutting out, or if your abdomen or rear end is tightened or protruding.

Try sitting in a straight backed chair so that you can focus on your spine. Feel the difference between your usual posture and this one. Breathe fully and gently without throwing your body out of line. As you breathe, feel the muscles in your abdomen and back expand. You may be able to feel your back push against the back of the chair.

From this position, try yawning and letting a sound emerge. Do this a few times, and feel the release. Then, while fully expanded, begin to sing a familiar tune. Try singing with “ah” or “la” at first. Listen to the quality of your voice. What does it feel like to hear yourself sing? When you feel ready, add words. Close your eyes, stay fully expanded, and release your voice.